Ministry of Communication and Aviation Vacancy Advertisement (September 2019)

The following vacant positions are available within the Ministry of Communication and Aviation;

  1. Logistic Officer 
  2. Chief Communication Officer 
  3. Driver (support service/operation branch) (x 2)
  4. Terminal Clearner
  5. Airport Field Worker
  6. Records Management Officer
  7. Personal Licensing Officer
  8. Aviation Security facilitator
  9. Air Navigational Technical Service
  10. Office Cleaner/CAASI
  11. Assistant Mechanical

Invitation is sought from interested suitably qualified and experienced individuals who wish to apply. Potential candidates both male and female from all Provinces are encouraged to apply.

Vacant Positions can be viewed or downloaded from this link.

Required Documents;

  1. RS Form 6 – Application for Employment Solomon Islands Government Cover Sheet
  2. Letter of Application (format)
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)_(Sample)
  4. Certified copies of your qualifications

Job Descriptions;

  1. Chief Communication Officer - RS Form 2-Job Description

For further information forward or direct your queries to the contact details below:

Queries Contact:

Name: Dorothy Kiko


Phone: 25888


Name: Ilyn Bata


Phone: 36720 Ext 205

Closing date for Application: 27th September 2019


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