The Finance and Accounts Unit is headed by a Financial Controller and is mandated to oversee the financial management of the Ministry’s Fiscal Resources. This is especially reflected in the Unit’s various responsibilities that include coordinating budget preparations and bidding processes as well as facilitating budget implementation and reporting for the Ministry’s recurrent and development budgets. The Unit is also responsible for procurement and accounting services across the Ministry and ensures that the Ministry meets its legislative and financial reporting requirements, guided by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s (MoFT) Financial Instructions (FI) and the Public Financial Management Act 2013.

The Financial Controller reports directly to the Permanent Secretary, who is the Ministry’s accountable officer responsible for - among other things – financial management within the Ministry. Together with the Ministry’s Under Secretaries, these officers ensure that financial reporting within the Ministry’s Finance and Accounts Unit is in line with the Ministry of Finance & Treasury’s (MoFT) financial instructions and reporting standards.

Additionally, the Financial Controller also acts as the secretary to the Ministry of Communication and Aviation’s (MCA) Ministerial Tender Board (MTB).

Other responsibilities include, processing and control of all documents of financial nature and to also liaise with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s Budget Unit and with external auditors such as the Auditor General’s Office (OAG) on matters related to the Ministry’s budgeting, procurement and financial reporting processes.


Financial Summaries

The Finance and Accounts Unit also produces financial summaries of the Ministry’s various expenditures and revenue collected during the course of a financial year. These are produced by the Financial Controller and are usually in a quarterly or annual format. These summaries are supposed to give an indication of the Ministry’s financial performance during the course of a financial year and also serve as metric(s) to compare the Ministry’s revenue and expenditure against its budget estimates.


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