The core pieces of legislation that form the mandates of the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) include a number of Acts of Parliament and their subsidiary legislation. These Acts give the Ministry and its Divisions the legal mandate to carry out their work and also cater for the adoption of relevant international standards.


Civil Aviation Act

This Act provides a legal mandates to relevant civil aviation departments to carry out its relevant functions in overseeing of the air transport system in Solomon Islands. The primary role of the Aviation and Airports Division is to advise the Government on the policy and regulatory framework for the Australian aviation and airports industries.

pdf Civil Aviation Act 2008 (1.01 MB)


Adopted New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules (CAR)

These Rules are adopted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands (CAASI), through the Civil Aviation Act, to enforce standard checks across technical areas of the local aviation industry such as airport management and operations, air traffic control, aviation security services, engineering and technical services, Airline operators and other service providers such as the meteorological services.


More Information

CAR Part 172 – Air Traffic Control

CAR Part 140 – Aviation Security

CAR Part 139 – Aerodromes

CAR Part 119 – Airline operations


Telecommunication Act

The Act empowers the Minister of Communication and Aviation (MCA) to regulate the telecommunications sector and also establishes the Telecommunication Commission Solomon Islands (TCSI) which is responsible for regulating Service providers licensing, Universal access to telecom services, Radio Spectrum, Competition, Pricing, Customers and land access for purposes pertaining or incidental to the Act.

pdf Telecommunications Act 2009 (6.55 MB)


Television Act

This Act regulates, among other things, television broadcasting rights through the approval of a national Television Board. Members of the Television Board are appointed by the Minister of Communication and Aviation (MCA).

pdf The Television Act 1995 (802 KB)


Postal Corporation Act

This Act regulates, among other things, the services provided by the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation (SIPC). The Act also gives the Minister of Communication and Aviation (MCA) the power to appoint directors for the SIPC Board.

pdf The Solomon Islands Postal Corporation Act 1996 (1.23 MB)


Public Service Act

This Act, together with the Ministry of Public Service’s General Orders (GOs) sets procedures and conditions for the recruitment of public service staff and as such, are consulted on by the Ministry of Communication and Aviation’s (MCA) Corporate Services staff during the Ministry’s recruitment periods.

pdf Public Service Act 1988 (1.27 MB)


Public Financial Management Act

This Act, together with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s (MoFT) Financial Instructions 2014 regulate the use, recording and reporting of public funds such as those made available to the Solomon Islands Government Ministries from the consolidated and special funds. This Act is the principal Act the guides the work of the Finance and Accounts Unit within the Ministry of Communication and Aviation’s (MCA) Corporate Services Division.

pdf Public Financial Management Act 2013 (1.88 MB)

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