Project Name Munda Alternate Emergency Airport
Effective Date Dec 2017 – 2019
Project Status Ongoing

The Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA), as part of Phase 2 of NZ Aid funded provincial airports upgrades and maintenance is carrying out improvements to the recently upgraded Munda International Airport to also qualify for and operate as an Alternate Emergency Airport. These works, co-funded by the New Zealand and Solomon Islands Governments include improvements to the airport’s lighting and air navigation aids, ancillary works to the airport and a new fire station and fire trucks that meet internationally accepted civil aviation requirements and standards.


Project Details

Total Cost:
SBD 143,000,000
Airports, Munda Airport
Donor Contribution:
Call for Proposal:
TERMS-OF-REFERENCE - Contact Us for a copy
Coordinated in:
Honiara, Solomon Islands
Funding Scheme:
Solomon Islands Government - NZ Aid Funded

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