The Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP) is funded by the World Bank (WB), participating countries, and other donor partners with the development objective to:

  1. improve the safety, security, efficiency, management and environmental sustainability of airports, and
  2. improve regional harmonization of aviation safety standards.

As part of the regional PAIP, aimed primarily at improving airport safety and security across the Pacific, the Solomon Island Road and Aviation Project (SIRAP) has been established.

Through SIRAP, the Solomon Island Government (SIG) and the WB are working together to improve operational safety and oversight of air transport, and strengthen the climate resilience of the road and aviation sectors in the Solomon Islands (SI).

pdf SIRAP2 ESCP Negotiated updated (281 KB)

pdf 22 04 27 SIRAP2 Preliminary Resettlement Plan (1.58 MB)

pdf Resettlement Plan (3.38 MB)

pdf Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (269 KB)

pdf Labor Management Procedure (2.58 MB)

pdf Stakeholder Engagement Plan (2.63 MB)

pdf SIRAP2 ESMP for Honiara Airport RevF for disclosure (5.64 MB)

pdf SIRAP2 ESMP for Malaita Bridges Rev1 for disclosure (7.34 MB)

pdf SIRAP2 ESMP for Noro Roads Rev1 1 for disclosure (9.54 MB)

pdf SIRAP2 ESMP for Munda Airport RevG1 for disclosure (23.02 MB)

pdf SIRAP Honiara International Airport (HIR), Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Guadalcanal (3.80 MB)

pdf SIRAP Munda Airport (MUA), Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), New Georgia Island (3.68 MB)

pdf SIRAP Malaita Roads Improvement and Maintenance Project - Environmental and Social Management Plan: Resealing of Sealed Roads, Version B (5.95 MB)

pdf SIRAP Malaita Road Infrastructure Upgrades Environmental and Social Management Framework Version D, February 2019 (5.89 MB)

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