Aviation Security prides itself on ensuring that travelers get to start their holiday peacefully.

When an officer requests travelers to put their electronic equipment through the x-ray for inspection purposes, it is in order to inspect the devices without the need to physically disassemble them.

The easiest way for officers at the terminal to examine such items is to have them removed from travelers hand baggage and put them on the conveyer belt for screening by x-ray. Officers have been trained to recognise any thing unusual and have had specialists test the safety of the x-ray on most brands of equipment in order to assure the safety of travelers valuable items.

Cameras - Generally the x-ray process will have no effect on photographic film, however, travelers are advised that putting over 1600 asa film through the x-ray machine might cause slight imperfections in the film. Since most holidaymakers will use 100, 200 or 400 asa film, this is generally not an issue and this film can be sent through the x-ray with no fear of damage. Officers will allow professional photographers to have their film and cameras hand searched, however, providing they are willing to remove the film. Officers need to do this in order to check the camera and lens inorder to ensure that there is nothing untoward contained within the camera itself.

Computers - X-rays will not affect personal computers; therefore travelers laptops are completely safe while under examination. If a travelers is concerned, however, they are welcome to switch their computer on in front of an Aviation Security Officer once it has been processed in order to ensure that the device has not been affected. Just as a warning, travelers are advised to not use magnetic (floppy disks or hard drives) or optical (compact discs) storage media to safeguard their data as there is a greater risk of the information being wiped from a disk by passing through the WTMD, as this is a magnetic field. The same information applies to computer games.

Video Cameras - These present no problem as the x-ray does not interfere with either the camera's electronics or the video tapes in any way, however, as with the computer information on disk, please be aware that the Walk Thru Metal Detector is a magnetic field and could wipe any information on a videotape passing through.

Should travelers experience a problem with their equipment once it has passed through the screening process, in the first instance please contact the Regional Manager of the airport from which their flight departed.

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