Communications, including postal communication services, is one of the two key legal mandates of the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA). In 1996, the Solomon Islands Government, through the Minister responsible for communication, enacted the pdf The Solomon Islands Postal Corporation Act 1996 (1.23 MB) which established the state owned Solomon Islands Postal Corporation (SIPC) as the main communication service provider in Solomon Islands. At that time Solomon Islands was already a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which is a global network of postal service providers and the UN Agency responsible for allocating international mail exchange standards.

Today, the Minister of Communication and Aviation (MCA) is responsible for the overall administration of the Postal Corporation Act 1996 and as a direct result, is also responsible for the appointment of the SIPC’s board of Directors. The board is also established under the Act and the Minister of the MCA, in consultation with the chairman of the SIPC is given the power to issue general directions on important policy matters to the Board of Directors, who in turn implement the policies pertinent to its functions under the Act.

At the Ministry level, the Information Communication Technology Services Division (formerly the Communications Department) within the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) is responsible for driving reforms in the postal services sector with the aim of expanding postal services and the types of products and services offered by the SIPC in the Solomon Islands.


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