The Technical Services Division has adopted Goal 6 “Strengthening capacity of the Technical Division and effectively facilitate upgrade of the Communication, navigational surveillance systems that delivers a safe, secure and sustainable air transport services,” as the Division’s overall objective and the Division has outlined 5 objectives to support it. They include:

  1. Coordinate with Airport Management Division in the building of a specialized workshop and office space that provides a safe and conducive working environment for both staff and housing technical equipments.
  2. Provide support to Air Traffic Services Division in ensuring regular maintenance of Communication, Navigational Aid and Surveillance System/ Air Traffic Management System and other aviation related equipment.
  3. Liaise with Air Traffic Services and Airport Management Divisions in upgrading and installations of the airport’s new lighting system and ATS equipments and other specialized equipments.
  4. Maintenance and upgrade of the Aviation Security Service Division’s security systems and equipments.
  5. Coordinate general repair and maintenance of airport facilities, utilities, equipments, systems and electronics.
  6. Develop human resources capacity needs of the Technical Division


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