The Manager of the Aviation Security Services (AvSec) Division is responsible for granting security Airport Identity Cards (AICs) for both temporary and permanent access to restricted areas and facilities within an airport location. Restricted areas may include areas of buildings, aprons and runways or access to certain facilities and equipment.

Airport Identity Cards (AIC) granted by the Manager AvSec include Temporary AICs for one day access to security restricted areas, Vehicle Access Permits (temporary and permanent) and Permanent Security AICs for those needing to access security restricted areas on a daily basis. Airport Identity Cards (AIC) can be applied for through a set procedure.


Who can apply for an identity card?

You can apply for a Permanent Airport Identity Card if:

  • you are employed by, or contracted to work for, an organisation that is registered with the Aviation Security Services Division (AvSec) AND;
  • you are required to carry out work in a secure area at a security designated airport  OR;
  • you work at a non-security designated airport where the airport management or airline management require the use of airport identity cards.




Who can apply for a Vehicle Access Permit?

You can apply for Vehicle Access Permit if you are a holder of an Airport Identity Card (AIC) (temporary or permanent) and if your reasons for holding such a card require you to access airside security restricted areas in a vehicle.


How long do Identity Cards and Vehicle Permits last?

Permanent Airport Identity Cards (AIC) can last for up to three years. They will last for a shorter period of time if you have a work permit that will expire in less than three years, if you are only required to work at the airport for a limited time (less than three years), or at the discretion of the relevant Aviation Security Services Manager.


How much does it cost to apply for a security Airport Identity Card?

Airport Identity Cards are subject to the following charges (subject to change):

Permanent AIC (Including Permanent Vehicle Access Permits) – SBD $150.00

Temporary AIC (Including Temporary Vehicle Access Permits) – SBD $50.00


How do I complete the Application Form?

Read all the instructions on the application form for an AIC relevant to your needs and complete the form by hand.

Completing the form by hand

  • Print out the pdf AVSEC Form 2 (165 KB) from this website or pick up a hardcopy from our office.

  • Complete and sign the form using a black or blue ballpoint pen.

  • Post or scan and email the form to us.

If you need to submit more than one application to us, please send a separate email for each application and include the applicant’s name in the subject line of the email and in the file name.


Who needs to complete the form?

The applicant must fill in the “applicant information” sections on the relevant application form.

An authorised signatory from the applicant’s employer must always accompany the application to complete the “Employer Authority Checked” section of the form after the applicant has filled in all of their information (This is usually signed on an accompanying letter to Aviation Security). The order is important because the person who signs for this is confirming the validity of the information provided by the applicant.

In addition, if the applicant will only need an Airport Identity Card for a limited time, the responsible manager from the airport (aerodrome certificate holder) or from the main contractor for sub-contractors must indicate contract start and finish dates.


Does all the information on the form need to be correct?

It is an offence to knowingly provide false information to the Civil Aviation Authority or the Director of Civil Aviation relevant to the Authority’s or the Director’s exercise of powers under the Civil Aviation Act 2008, or regulations or rules made under the Act.


What documents do I provide with my application form?

You application form will need to be accompanied by a legible copy of one of the following forms of identification:

  • Solomon Islands Driver Licence – can be current or expired within the last two years, but cannot be cancelled, defaced or a temporary licence. Must show your signature and the expiry date; or

  • Solomon Islands Passport – can be current or expired within the last two years, but cannot be cancelled or defaced. Must show your signature; or

  • Overseas Passport – must be current and cannot be expired, cancelled or defaced. Must show your signature; or

  • Permanent Airport Identity Card – must be current and cannot be expired or defaced; or

  • Statutory Declaration.

In addition you must also provide:

  • proof of your legal change of name (for example, a marriage or civil union certificate or a dissolution of marriage or civil union) – if your legal name changed after you were issued with your most recent airport identity card;

  • proof of Solomon Islands citizenship – if you are a Solomon Islands citizen who was born outside of the Solomon Islands and you are not providing a copy of a Solomon Islands passport with your application;

  • a copy of your work visa or student visa – if you are not a Solomon Islands citizen and you are in the Solomon Islands on a work visa or student visa.


How long does it take to get a permanent Airport Identity Card?

We aim to process each request within 10 working days of the date that we receive the completed application.


Helpful tips to avoid delays

If you are handwriting the form, write clearly.

  • Attach readable copies of your identification and other documents.

  • Check that all of the information on the form is correct before you send it to us.

  • Ensure that you and your employer or main contractor have signed the form in the right places.

  • Your application will not be processed and will be returned to you if the application is incomplete or illegible and the required documents have not been provided.

  • If your photograph does not meet requirements, we will let you know so that you can provide another photograph or come in to have your photograph taken at one of our offices.


Do I have to complete the application form or pick up my Airport Identity Card within a particular time limit?

If you submit an incomplete application and don’t provide the missing material to us within 90 days, or if you fail to pick up your airport identity card within 90 days of submitting a complete application, you may be asked to reapply and have to start the process again. 


Where do I send the application form?

You should send your completed application form and accompanying documents and submit to the Aviation Security Identification Permit System Unit of the Aviation Security Service (AvSec) Division.


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