The following is a list of acronyms commonly used by the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) and by the aviation and communication industries in general. This list may be useful for the information presented on this website or that are in documents made available on this website.


Full Name

AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AIP Air Information Publication
AMIS Avsec Management Integrated System
APM Aviation Performance Metrics
APMS Aviation Performance Metrics (APM) System
ATM Air Traffic Management
ATS Air Traffic Service
AACPS Airport Access Control System
AGL Airport Ground Lighting System
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
AMS Aeronautical Mobile Station
ATM Air Traffic Management
CAP Civil Aviation Publication
CNS Communication, Navigational System
CAD Civil Aviation Department
CTB Central Tender Board
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
ICTSU Information Communication Technology Support Unit of SIG
IPAM Institution of Public Admin and Management
MDPAC Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination
MID Ministry of Infrastructure Development
MoFT Ministry of Finance and Treasury
NDS National Development Strategy 2016-2035
OPMC Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet
OCA Obstacle Clearance Altitude
OCH Obstacle Clearance Height
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
CAASI Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands
PMP Performance Management Process
JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency
SIG Solomon Islands Government
MCA Ministry of Communication and Aviation
MTB Ministry Tender Board
SIACL Solomon Islands Airport Company Ltd
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SIMSA Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Authority
SINU Solomon Islands National University
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
PTC Precision Approach Terrain Chart
USAP Universal Security Audit Programme
SARP Standards, systems and Recommended Practices

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