The Airport Management Division (AMD) provides a key role towards the safe and efficient operations of the entire air transport system. These roles are specified in annex 14 of the ICAO convention.

The requirements of the annex 14 is varied from the planning of airports and heliports to alternative power supply, engineering, provision of rescue and firefighting equipment and simple requirements for keeping airports clear of birds.

The Airport Management Division also exercises its mandates according to the Civil Aviation Act of 2008. Part 2 Section 5(c) requires the Ministry of Communications and Aviation to administer the Government’s interest in aerodromes and associated services in establishing, operating and maintaining aerodrome facilities. At a more operational level, the airport management is regulated under Rule part 139: Aerodromes.

Drawing on from its legal mandates, the Division’s core functions include the improvement and maintenance of the runways, taxiways and apron including airport facilities that are necessary for the effective operation of an aerodrome.

Currently, Solomon Islands has one international airport and an alternative international airport at Munda that will be operational by 2018. The upgrade of the Honiara international airport is the number one priority project which will be implemented under the Airport Management over the next three years. The Division also oversees a total of 23 domestic airports of which only 18 are operational.

Twenty Airports come under the direct management of the Airport Management Division, whilst 4 airports are privately owned. Only 3 Airports are tar sealed and the Division is aiming to have an additional 3 provincial airports tar sealed over the next three years. Investment in new and the ongoing maintenance of existing infrastructure and technology is necessary to ensure a safe, efficient and advanced ATM system. The Division is working towards realigning its structure and functions as part of the reform programme to operate as private entity thereby improving productivity and effectiveness of its operations.

In the meantime the Division continue to implement its ongoing priority which includes, upgrade of the international and provincial airports.


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