The Airport Management Division has adopted the Ministry of Communication and Aviation’s (MCA) Strategic Goal# 3 as the Division’s overall objective. The Strategic Goal aims “To Improve airport infrastructures and facilities that delivers an integrated, safe, secure and efficient air transport services that meet ICAO standards, customer and public expectations.”

In line with the Strategic Goal, the Division has outlined 5 objectives and 4 key programmes to help it achieve the goal and they include:

  1. To maintain and develop airports in compliance to international standards that enables delivery of safe, secure and reliable air transport network.
    1. Programme 1: International Airport Upgrade Programme.
    2. Programme 2: Provincial Airport Upgrade and Maintenance.
  2. Ensure International Airport infrastructures and facilities meet the international standards to accommodate customers’ demand and the increase international flights movements.
    1. Programme 1: Airport Facilities replacement and maintenance.
  3. Improve institutional housing, office infrastructure and asset management.
  4. Improve coordination with CAASI, Airport Operators and other technical Division of the Ministry to deliver aviation infrastructures that complies with Rule part 139.
    1. Programme 1: Infrastructure Development and Management.
  5. Implementation of the civil aviation reform as part the privatisation process to establish the Solomon Islands Airport Corporation Ltd.
    1. Programme 1: Establishment of the Solomon Islands Airport Corporation Ltd.


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