The Aviation Security Services Division’s (AvSec) basic mandate is to protect passengers, crew, ground personnel, general public, aircraft and facilities of an airport through a combination of various human and material resources.

Given the high risks associated with the modern civil aviation industry, the public would normally expect civil aviation services to be secured and protected from potential disruptions. In this same context, the AvSec Division exists to provide security and protection for the travelling public, aerodrome facilities and resources, aircrafts and the entire civil aviation operations in Solomon Islands.

The Division is managed by a Manager who is supported by an Assistant Manager and other senior officers in charge of key security Units within the Division. The Aviation Security Service plays an important role to the overall vision of the ministry with its mandates and functions rooted in the Civil Aviation Act and the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).

Part X of the Civil Aviation Act Section 96 Subject to subsection (1 & 2) clearly outlines the key mandate of the Division at any security designated aerodrome, navigation installation or servicing facility.

In similar context, ICAO Annex 17 to the Chicago Convention sets out the basis for the national civil aviation security programme that seeks to safeguard civil aviation and its facilities against acts of unlawful interference.

This regulation necessitates each contracting state to establish its own civil aviation security programme with such additional security measures as may be proposed by other appropriate bodies. It requires the AvSec Division to also coordinate the activities of those involved in security programmes including airline operators. Therefore each state must ensure that the safety of passengers, crew, ground personnel and the general public is a primary consideration. The AvSec Division has aligned its programmes and resources towards fulfilling these international obligations.


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