The following are the steps to apply for a Vehicle Access Permit for access to airside restricted security areas at airports.

Step 1: Get your application form

Obtain an approved Aviation Security Standard Application Form for a Vehicle Access Permit (AvSec Form 5) from the Aviation Security Service (AvSec) Office or download a copy from this website.


Download  pdf AVSEC Form 5 (163 KB)


Aviation Security Identification Permit System Unit for more information



Step 2: Get a letter from your employer

Obtain a letter from your employer stating the name of your employer (company or organisation), your current position of employment and a brief on why you are applying for Vehicle Access Permit.



Step 3: Get your Drivers Licence and Vehicle Registration updated

Make sure that your driving licence and vehicle registration is up to date. Renewal of driving licences and vehicle registrations can be done after paying the relevant fees at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s (MoFT) Revenue Cashier.

More Information:

 Contact the Ministry of Finance



Step 4: Get Insurance Certificate for your vehicle:

After your vehicle registration and licence is updated and paid for, ensure that your vehicle is insured and that you are given a copy of a certificate of insurance by your insurance broker. You can get your vehicle insurance through an insurance broker or through a third party arrangement while registering your vehicle at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT).

Local Insurance Brokers:

 Tower Insurance

 QBE Insurance

More Information:

 Contact the Ministry of Finance



Step 5: Submit your application:

Submit your completed application form to the Manager of Aviation Security Services (AvSec) Division through the Division’s Identification Permit System Unit. Your driving licence and certificate of insurance for your vehicle should also be presented during this step. You will be given details on how to follow up on your application after the submission of your application.

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