The Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) is legally mandated under a number of relevant legislations including international conventions, to perform its functions in the civil aviation and communications services. This provides the policy and legal framework that helps shape the priority focus areas of the Ministry’s planning processes.

In this context, the civil aviation act 2008, provides the legal mandates for relevant aviation departments to carry out their respective functions in air transport system, specifically in Aviation security services as established under Part X of the section 10(2)(c) and the Aviation traffic control. The Act also provides for the civil aviation authority which regulates the civil aviation services and ensures services are standardised and delivered according to safety rules.

In the communication sector, the ministry, through its Communication Division administers and regulates the implementation of the Telecommunication Act 2009, S.I Postal Corporation Act 1996 and Television Act 1995. The goal of regulations is to improve universal access to communication services, establishing institutional governances in communication sector and regulating for effective delivery of communication services. A number of policies which include a national ICT policy and national Broadcasting policy have also been established as part of ongoing sector reforms. These policies also outline the priority areas for development. Together, these Acts and policies form the basis for implementing relevant programmes in the communication sector.


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