The endorsement of a reform programme for civil aviation by the Solomon Islands Government Cabinet has paved the way for the establishment of the Solomon Islands Airports Corporation Limited (SIACL). The implementation of the reform is important as it is responsible for establishing as a private company under the State Owned Enterprises Act (refer to the Solomon Islands National Parliament website for more information). The SIACL will take ownership of all international and domestic airports in the Solomon Islands and will be responsible for operating and managing all those airports.

In preparation for the company’s setup, the Government will be reviewing the pdf Civil Aviation Act 2008 (1.01 MB) and establish appropriate legislations that will give the new airport company the legal mandate to carry out its functions. The SIACL will be governed by a Board of Directors which will be responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the airport company. An interim governing board of Directors has been setup to oversee the initial setting up of the Airport Corporation. It is expected that once the SIACL comes into full operations it will assume full technical functions in aviation services, leaving the policy mandates with Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA).


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