The Telecommunications commission Solomon Islands (TCSI) was established under section 6 of the pdf Telecommunications Act 2009 (6.55 MB) .

The Commission is headed by a Commissioner who is the single person mandated by the Telecommunications Act to administer the Act. The Commissioner is appointed by the Minister of Communication on the recommendation of an Evaluation Committee established under section 7 of the Telecommunication Act. The TCSI is an independent expert statutory authority charged with the economic and technical management of the telecommunications sector.

Having sole responsibility for technical operations under the telecommunication legislation, the TCSI Commissioner is the regulator of the telecommunication sector in Solomon Islands. The Commissioner carries out this responsibility and its functions through the TCSI.

The Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) does not have direct influence over the Commission’s affairs, however, the MCA remains responsible for overall telecommunications policy, including international relations in telecommunications matters.

This relationship between the MCA and TCSI is mostly maintained through the MCA’s Information Communication Technology Services Division (Formerly the Communications Department).



Radio frequency or spectrum licences are granted and regulated by the Telecommunications Commission Solomon Islands (TCSI) in accordance with the Telecommunications Act and in line with Solomon Islands Government communications policies. These licences and their conditions also comply with international standards such as those set by the UN specialised Agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


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