Welcome to our Ministry website. This website intends to provide visitors with information on how the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) together with its Regulators and Statutory Bodies, carries out its activities to meet the Ministry’s mandates and strategic goals in line with the policy objectives of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and with international standards and recommended practices.

The meeting of these objectives is premised on our technical and professional interpretation of the Government’s Policy Translation and implementation Document. Hence, it is our view that this website, along with documents produced by our Ministry will be, as much as possible, regarded as tools to assist in the promotion of the partnership between the public and private sectors in Solomon Islands.

It is our hope that through this website, visitors from the general public, other Government Ministries, the civil aviation industry and interested partners and stakeholders will be able to easily navigate and access specific information, documents or processes that they may be interested in.

Apart from learning more about the roles and functions of each of the Ministry’s Divisions, Regulators and Statutory Boards, visitors to this website will also be able to interact with a number of features and functions on the website including downloadable Publications, Vacancies, Tenders for Contracts, Standard Forms, Guidelines and Templates.

Visitors to this website will also be able to access information on Airports throughout the country as well as national Projects that are being implemented in the Information Communication Technology and Airports sectors. Information on Licences relevant to the communication and aviation sectors will also be made available to the public through this website.

Civil aviation operators and pilots will also be able to access an online Pilots Board for pre-flight information and will also be able to download a copy of the latest version of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) through this website.

We are committed to ensuring that our visitors and friends will enjoy our friendship as they share with their friends and citizens the potential that we have. We believe that through these visits, Solomon Islands can be perceived as a safe, compliant and viable investment destination for the communication and aviation sectors. We will ensure that our processes and systems are revised in pursuit of our endeavors in responding to contemporary issues and concerns as well as creating a sound investment environment.

Please enjoy your visitor experience as you browse through this website.


Moses Virivolomo
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Communication and Aviation


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