The ICT Services Division has outlined 4 broad objectives to be achieved in the medium term. These objectives are outlined below with key strategies and programmes that are being implemented to support them:

  1. Build and strengthen the capacity of the ICT Services Division.
    Supporting Strategies and Programmes:
    1. Establishment of the ICT Department through recruitment of new officers and Resourcing the Department.
    2. Establish SIG ICT policy Committees to oversee ICT policy implementation.
    3. The committee will assist in setting strategic priorities, overseeing policies implementation. The committee has oversight of the implementation of the ICT action plans.
    4. Expanding ICT Services in the Government Sector & Integrating ICTSU.
      Build national capacity to ensure regulations, civil laws and laws against cyber-crimes are effectively administered and enforced.
  2. Ensure that all Solomon Islanders have equal access to ICT infrastructure as well as Television and Postal Services.
    Supporting Strategies and Programmes:
    1. Making ICT devices and services more affordable in Solomon Islands.
    2. ICT literacy and skills development.
    3. Review cost of hardware and software and efficient supply chain process in ICT.
  3. Strengthen the legal environment for communication sector development - ensure relevant laws are reviewed, enacted and established.
    Supporting Strategies and Programmes:
    1. Review Postal Corporation Act 1996.
    2. Review and amend consumer protection laws to ensure consumers are protected.
    3. Reform Intellectual Property Rights and laws.
    4. Review Part 6 of the Telecommunication Act.
    5. Enact legislation to protect the community against cybercrime.
    6. Review of the Television and Broadcasting Act.
  4. Coordinate an effective Integration of communication services in the social, economic and environmental sectors in close partnership with key stakeholders.
    Supporting Strategies and Programmes:
    1. Review established legal framework governing Television analog transmission.
    2. Review of current technological standards used in Analog transmission.
    3. Establishment of regulation to accommodate for the change to Television digital technology and digital transmission.
    4. Analog to digital transmission imposed to all Television operators.



pdf National ICT Policy (2.73 MB)

pdf National Broadcast Policy (890 KB)

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