The Ministry of Communication & Aviation with Solomon Islands Postal Corporation together with combined initiative launches the new Solomon Islands Address System. The new system will provide solution for the long-standing challenge from “no address to new address system” and will continue to deliver new and technology-based addresses envisioned to cover the entire nation.

As a regulatory body, the Ministry of Communication & Aviation is directing the ingenuity of the system to be one that will fully embrace the need of the country. The Ministry’s overarching role to provide a precise, granular and unique addressing is vital for the growth of economy by providing an end-to-end delivery channel. The scale over the entire nation is huge and the country is challenged by terrestrial constraints. In providing the new address system, the Ministry clinches the need to create efficiency within the navigation and mobility industry as well as the automotive and transportation, deliveries, logistics, eCommerce, postal services, travel and tourism, national infrastructure and government, the UAVs, the humanitarian, emergency services, events, asset management and the GIS industries and sectors to name a few.

Talking about location can be very hard, street addresses are often not precise enough and don’t exist in parks, rural areas or rapidly developing places, people struggle to find each other and businesses fail to reach customers. 75% of countries lack a reliable address system or suffer from no addressing at all, a frustrating and costly exercise that costs the economy billions and affects lives. For these reasons, the Ministry now embraces the need to have a formal address system - an initiative it hopes will drive a lot of changes in economic activities from all sectors.

Solomon Islands Postal Corporation together with other delivery agencies are now ready to augment their services using what3words system. Solomon Islands Postal Corporation will accept registration of 3 words addresses to their system and will deliver to that address once a client registers with the postal service. The postal service will charge an annual fee equivalent to the current medium PO Box service to individuals for home delivery and large PO Box service to companies and corporate bodies.

The Ministry of Communication and Aviation together with the Postal Corporation have together taken this initiative to establish proper e2e channel and last mile delivery for the country. Both authorities appeal to the public, government and all sectors within the economy to use what3words system to harness economic activities within Solomon Islands and abroad.

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