The caretaker Minister of Communication and Aviation (MCA), Peter Shanel Agovaka has praised the recent visit by the Director General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Mr Bishar Abdirahman Hussein to Honiara last week.

Minister Agovaka said the visit was a sign that the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is listening to the cries and needs of Solomon Islands in its quest to improve its postal services both locally and globally.

Solomon Islands, through the Solomon Postal Corporation is a member of the UPU, which is one of the oldest agencies set up by the United Nations to coordinate postal policies world-wide.

Since the incorporation of the Solomon Islands Postal Corporation in1996, the agency remains a traditional postal service that lacked government support and faces challenges as the nature of postal services evolved with technology.

Mr Hussein’s visit has re-affirmed the commitment that UPU has placed on all members to ensure every country and their Postal Agencies effectively discharged their services to clients in light of the escalation of technological advancements.

Under Mr Hussein’s leadership, radical changes have been set out to make UPU an organization that serves its purpose by ensuring equal member representation, introducing cost cutting measure polices and listening to and visiting smaller membership states that were often left out due to size and location.

“Solomon Islands will continue to support your team to continue to fight for all so that success is realized by all member states and not only the privileged ones”.

“Your visit to Solomon Islands is a sign that UPU is listening to our cries for understanding of our situation and to align resources and focus so that we are "NOT LEFT BEHIND”, Mr Agovaka said.

Solomon Islands like many other Pacific Island countries are spread over oceans that create logistical issues, vulnerability to disasters, rising sea levels and as part of the global community has felt economic pressures caused by external events.

In view of these challenges, Minister Agovaka said the Solomon Islands’ will always strive to make sure its people are connected and accessible to postal services.

Mr Agovaka also called on the Director General to consider Solomon Islands’ wish to host smaller Pacific UPU regional meetings to provide an opportunity for others to experience the country’s rich cultural diversity and other opportunities.

During his Honiara, Mr Hussein has made a courtesy call on caretaker Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela and other government officials.

Mr Hussein’s Honiara visit is part of a Pacific tour to UPU members’ states this year.

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