The Air Traffic Service (ATS) Division contributes to the overall vision of the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) and has adopted the Ministry’s Strategic Goal 4: “Advancing the capacity of the Air Traffic Service Division and raising the safety and efficiency standards in Air Traffic Control” as the Division’s overall objective.

This strategic goal aims to enable the Division to perform full technical traffic related services such as area control service and aeronautical information service that ensures the flow of information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation.

In achieving its strategic goals, the ATS division has outline 5 objectives to be achieved in the medium term time frame and they include:

  1. Upgrade Air Traffic infrastructure, equipment, facilities and network systems that will deliver safe and efficient air traffic control and operations
  2. Ensure a successful review and development of the operational instruments, agreements and plans.
  3. Develop technical capacities of officers in Air traffic control trainings
  4. Ensure establishment of Air Traffic Control Services – Aerodrome and Approach Control Services and Subsequently Area.
  5. Ensure Certification of ATS and AIS organizations under Rule 172 and 175 by CAASI

In support of the above objectives, the Division has prioritized programmes to be implemented over the next three years. These include air traffic infrastructure and system Improvements, officers’ competency and capability development in ATC services, air traffic training and licensing programme, review of air traffic related operational instruments and agreements.


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