The overall goals of the Corporate Services Division are:

Goal 1. Ensure effective human resource management systems are in place that retain qualified staff, increase productivity and results in exceptional work performance in the Ministry

Goal 2. Establish a sound financial management system that promotes fiscal discipline and satisfies the requirements of the PFM Act, thereby resulting in a stable fiscal position that enables sustainable service delivery

In line with the strategic Intentions of the Corporate Services Division, the following objectives are outlined to be achieved by the Division over the next three years:

  1. Ensure the ministry has a qualified human resources manpower that are capable to perform the key mandates of the MCA.
  2. Implement MCA Staff Development Plan and ensure the manpower training and development needs of the ministry are facilitated and addressed appropriately towards improving work performances.
  3. Effectively facilitate Staff welfare and benefits such as accommodation, Payroll, Transport and leave management, providing counseling, recruitment, promotion and confirmation, performance management processes, discipline and retirement.
  4. Coordinate and provide support to HoDs in implementing the internal staff performance management system including the S.I Performance Management process (PMP) as a key tool in managing work performances within the Ministry.
  5. Maintain office supplies and procurement of new equipment and technological resources that improves administration of information System.
  6. To establish a rigorous financial management system in line with the requirements of PMF Act 2013 that results in fiscal discipline and efficient management of financial resources to mandatory services and sector priorities.
  7. Effectively coordinate Budget preparation and implementation process in line with financial policies and regulations that achieves optimal allocation and utilization of financial resources.
  8. Establish Revenue and financial management committee and effectively coordinate its roles in managing revenue.
  9. Support SI Airport Company Ltd and executive management on the restructure and reform of the ministry and to ensure a smooth transition of the technical functions to the new company to avoid disruptions to essential service delivery.
  10. Ensure our divisional Staff are well trained and qualified in their roles in, human resources, administration, finance and accounting.



Corporate Plan {link to corporate plan under ‘Resources’}

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